"Insightful and thought provoking morning session of coaching/mentoring delivered by Elevate."

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Our team can offer one-to-one personal development coaching. Personal development coaching focuses on increasing your self-awareness, looking at your life goals, your personal challenges and aspirations. In personal development coaching the coach will;

- Listen, and support you to help you to get to your own solution.

- Raise self-awareness around your current thoughts and life

- Identify support structures to help you through difficult decisions.

- Encourage you to follow your personal plan.

- Help create your preferred future.

Personal development coaching can cover a range of issues and concerns related to personal growth. As part of this we offer “The Walking Coach”– a time together spent outdoors, taking in the scenery, fresh air, and working on the issues brought to the coach. The Walking Coach is rooted in the idea of nature as therapy. According to an increasing body of thought, being out in nature increases our sense of wellbeing. Why not “walk and talk” with us.

We also offer the YB12 coaching programme

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