"This project should go to every high school"

Year 9 Pupil
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This group and one-to-one wellbeing coaching programme as a whole is designed to support the young person with developing a sense of purpose, meaning and self-esteem in a world where uncertainty, fast-paced change, peer pressure and the many voices of media can stifle their exploration of fulfilment and the freedom to develop a healthy, individual sense of identity.

The opportunity is given to the young person to explore the concept of personal success in a holistic fashion, with the main focus given to well-being; dovetailing with Martin Seligman’s PERMA (Positive Emotion, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment) model (Seligman, 2011). Elevate originally developed the positive psychology based Can-Do coaching programme that supported young people to develop resilience and improved their self-esteem. This coaching programme was awarded funding from the Voluntary Action Scheme and due to its proven success, given funding to grow by Big Lottery Wales.

CanDNA-v adds the DNA-v element to the original Can-Do wellbeing positive psychology coaching approach. DNA-v has an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) framework which enables the young person to meet life’s challenges with more self-awareness and a deeper understanding of how our mind, brain and body work together. ACT is a branch of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is underpinned by Cognitive Behaviour Science (CBS). ACT is oriented in mindfulness and commitment to personal values.

Young participants develop self-regulation and self-management skills that become embedded through the wellbeing coaching and also develop some understanding of psycho-social factors. The programme is trauma informed, and hones in how to get the healthy -self to be the focus of the young person’s life so they can move towards holistic wellbeing and achieve meaningful goals

We offer this coaching programme as one-to-one coaching or group coaching delivered by staff or if schools just want to take it on themselves we can offer resources. Elevate has developed a resource pack for schools. This pack contains teachers/coaches notes, a workbook for the young person, and a presentation. We also offer training for wellbeing support staff in school on how to use the CanDNA-v coaching approach and resource pack. Because this programme is no longer voluntary funded we offer it on a donation or contribution basis. All income goes towards meeting our charitable aims. If you want to know more please get in touch


"We have seen a significant drop in referrals to the counsellors as a direct result of the work and support given to the students by Elevate."

SN Wellbeing Manager WHS

"It helped me to think more positively and if things don’t go well in life, try and resolve it by doing something different and not to give up"

AC (Girl Year 11)

"I found that talking through some issues and receiving genuine advice and learning things helped me be more positive in life"

CF (Girl Year 11)

"It helped me with my anxiety"

HR (Boy Year 9)

"I‘m just more happier now and it helped me to keep calm"

LH (Boy Year 10)

"It taught me to be myself and be more confident"

SA (Girl Year 10)

"In the C-Do Coaching pupils were asked to reflect on their issues and were encouraged to communicate their thoughts about how they could take ownership of improving their situations and to take ownership of the issues that needed addressing and set targets for themselves with the guidance of the C-Do Coach."