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Supporting pupils and educators through coaching

Elevate is a charity that aims to ensure young people who need mental health and wellbeing services are not left languishing, but have someone to talk to that can support them to find resilience and hope at a time when they need it most. We integrate positive psychology and coaching psychology with evidence informed approaches to bring about lasting change. We provide wellbeing and life coaching support and have a social enterprise arm that delivers accredited coach training
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Welcome to Elevate

A coaching charity that believes every young person when given a safe and secure space along with time to think can tap into their inner resources, generate ideas and find solutions that make a positive difference to their own lives and the world around them
“I saw some of the LSA’s today and they said it was the best training they have ever had and learnt a lot. Thank you not only for today but for the amazing work you do for the students all year. You have a made a difference for so many of them” - Wellbeing Manager WHS

Elevate works with young people and their dimensions of wellbeing. We think that young people become more resilient, happier, optimistic, and learn more about themselves and their ability to affect their world when they know who they are, when the focus is on what they have, when there is belief that they can make a change and when they take action to do so.

We are a charity that can support schools and educators to meet the wellbeing needs of students and young people. We help students re-engage with their learning and move towards their potential. We have been successfully supporting the education sector for over 10 years through our effective one-to-one and group coaching programmes that are underpinned by coaching psychology

We know that in education wellbeing support can be stretched. Many pupils end up on waiting lists for external counsellors and child mental health or behaviour services. Many don’t meet the high criteria for referral set by external agencies and can be left to cope without help. This creates an embedding of the issues when instead they can be prevented by getting support earlier. Teachers and staff are doing a good job with minimal resources, but increases in wellbeing and mental health referrals has led to a gap in support. We as a charity want all young people who need support to be able to get it. In schools where Elevate trained coaches have provided a service, counselling and behaviour referrals have reduced. We believe our approach is sustainable and cost effective, and will be beneficial for students who have need. Get in touch with us today

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Benefits To The Wellbeing Coach/ Coachee

Identify wellbeing goals and life purpose
Clarify values
Learn how to deal with limiting beliefs
Take positive actions towards the preferred future
Rewarding to see the real life positive impact in self and others
Improves stress management
Supports career and academic aspirations
Improves performance in the workplace

Just some of our results

This is what some of our young people say about themselves following participation in our projects. These results are reinforced by educational staff, who report significant differences in the attitude and efforts of Elevate beneficiaries, and feedback that there is improvement in engagement of the pupils coached by Elevate coaches.

Report improved engagement


Improved resilience in education

Found coaching helped them make positive changes




Volunteer Coaches trained


worked with

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