"Our last teacher coaching session with Elevate this evening. Fully inspired and would recommend ‘Elevate’ to everyone. Diolch!"

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Coach Training & Well-Being Coaching

As a charity we are always looking for ways to become self-sustainable, so we are attempting to develop a social enterprise model. Our courses and coaching on offer here are currently on a donation basis. Donations are used to help us provide our core charitable service, to support young people at risk of educational and social disengagement.
You support us, we support you, together we support young people.

Learn to Coach

Learn to Coach

We offer a practical skills based programme, flexibly delivered, that will enable you, pastoral staff, teaching assistants, teachers, lecturers, tutors and students to add coaching skills to help learner development within your educational context.

accredited award

Accredited Courses

Elevate offer two routes for accreditation, depending on your time commitments. All income generated is used to carry out our free at the point of service work with young people.


Be Coached

School Well-being Coaching

Our team can offer one-to-one personal development coaching. Personal development coaching focuses on increasing your self-awareness, looking at your life goals, your personal challenges and aspirations.

Skill Up

Coaching Courses for Continual Professional Development (CPD)

If you have had initial coach training we offer the chance for continuing professional development.




“I would very much encourage other people to enrol on the coaching academy whether they see themselves becoming a coach or just want to improve their interpersonal skills”

“It has been a fantastic course, I’ve grown so much, and is been releasing and freeing to learn to listen. Incredible to help to draw information out and empowering individuals to own their goals. It’s already impacted my life. Thanks so much everyone. This course is a must do especially for those in leadership or leading groups”

“An excellent course. Well structured. Balance of information and practical was good. Helped me gain a powerful tool for ministry. Thank you Dave, Paul and Kantz.”

“The first steps into coaching have helped me improve my pastoral leadership. Well worth the experience and time. A very practical course”

“Go for it, if you want to develop your skills for helping others, this is the course for you”

“An excellent investment for those who coach or are considering coaching. A really enjoyable learning experience”

“Every leader should explore this coaching course. We may think we are natural coaches or specialist coaches but it’s vital for leaders to have coaching in their toolbox. Massive thank you for your time, energy and wisdom. This has been a fantastic experience”


If you would like to ask us more about how we can support you, you can support us, and together how we can support young people, then please get in touch.

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