"We hope to continue to develop our relationship with the Elevate Project in years to come and feel this provision has made a huge difference to the lives of many students."

DS Head of Engagement, Inclusion, Wellbeing
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Working With

Elevate have a collaborative approach to working with organisations and the community. To date we have worked with local authorities, schools, universities, psychological services, coach training organisations, NGO’s and community groups to deliver our evidence informed projects.

We welcome collaboration, and if you would like to know how we could support you, in what you want to achieve, in serving your clients or service users, please do get in touch.


"We are very keen to become involved in the Elevate Project in school and feel that as the largest school in Wales, we have a large number of students who would benefit from this intervention."

LS Assistant Headteacher

"The opportunity to be involved in this work is especially important for our students as many come from areas where there are social tensions and issues related to high levels of deprivation (approx. 46% of our young people are FSM) and the opportunity to further develop their relationship skills would benefit them and others within the wider community which would be really valuable on many levels."


"Elevate have shown that as an organisation, they really care for the young people that they work with and as well as this and the outcomes that we see in school, we expect to work with them for a long-time to come."


"As part of our portfolio of voluntary opportunities, Elevate - Coaching and Mentoring, has been particularly successful in attracting the interest of students. Many of our psychology students have undergone training with this organisation and taken up mentoring and coaching roles within schools."


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