"Our high school has been working with Kantz Misra, from the charity 'Elevate,' regularly on a number of excellent projects targeting wellbeing which is key focus for the school. We are delighted with the service, support and professionalism provided by 'Elevate' and are currently enjoying the positive impact this is having throughout the school."

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C-Do Project

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This group and one-to-one wellbeing coaching programme as a whole is designed to support the young person with developing a sense of purpose, meaning and self-esteem in a world where uncertainty, fast-paced change, peer pressure and the many voices of media can stifle their exploration of fulfilment and the freedom to develop a healthy, individual sense of identity.

Primary Near Peer Coaching

Primary Near Peer Coaching

Set up a Near Peer Coaching programme to support pupil wellbeing and learning at your school that makes a positive difference to students in your school community.

Near Peer Coaching

Near Peer Coaching

A new project, that trains older students in core coaching and mentoring skills, and matches them with a younger pupil identified by the school needing near peer support. Schools tend to engage older pupils with students from younger years who are experiencing dfficulty or facing issues that prevent them engaging in their school life. Our “Near Peers” provide an early intervention service.

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ACHIEVE Wellbeing and Education Coaching

ACHIEVE is an Elevate project that trains university students who are studying psychology or education degrees or masters level qualifications in wellbeing and performance coaching skills. These students are then placed in a secondary or primary school and support the wellbeing and learning needs of reffered pupils.

Why We Coach

Why We Coach

All our projects have an element of coaching and/or mentoring involved.
Coaching helps the coachee to identify exactly what they want, where they are now, and how to get there.



"The pupils at Willows High School have certainly benefitted a great deal from the support and expertise provided by 'Elevate' with a number of programmes and interventions targeting some of our most vulnerable learners"

Deputy Head

"Many pupils regularly request access to our well-being services and have stated that peer coaches would be effective as coaches of their own or similar age are more approachable and relatable. This would also alleviate pressure on limited school resources and complies with the Welsh Assembly Government's goal of young people becoming 'healthy, confident individuals."

WHS Deputy Head

"The life skills sports project had a transformational impact on the boys in our school, they learned to get along, support each other, behave like gentleman, behaviour was much improved"


"The Elevate C-DO programme has proven to be very popular with pupils, parents and staff as it offers practical support and guidance on issues relevant to young people such as self-esteem, managing relationships and expectations and organisation. All pupils chosen to take part have provided positive feedback and felt that they are more capable of managing school and home life after going through the programme."

Assistant Head SHS

"The Elevate community have become an essential part in the services that CCS can offer a student. Over the last few years, Kantz has become a vital and important person in making our Proactive School Community project become a success. The project was set up from 'Pupil Voice'. Students needed and requested many services from the school, one of these services asked for was Peer Coaching or Mentoring. We have many students who are in need of support especially for behavioural issues."

CTJ Proactive Schools

"The BIGGA course has managed to bring some of the quieter pupils out of their shell whilst giving some of the more extrovert pupil’s skills to calm themselves down and avoid distractions. Some of the pupils are now more respectful and value other people’s views or opinions."


"The BIGGA programme has provided pupils with additional support to think about developing their individual skills and how to work as a team in a respectful manner. The course allowed pupils the opportunity to think about their future. The course also allowed pupils the opportunity to think about maturity and how to develop into young men."