"Cowbridge Comprehensive School has worked in collaboration with Elevate for a number of years to, provide high impact support for our young people. As a school we utilise Elevate for a range of pupils who have exhibited issues relating to engagement, self-confidence, and resilience. Elevate work with a range of students from year 7 to 11, developing strategies with the pupils to help build self-confidence and resilience to enable them to succeed at school and in society."

ALNCO/Deputy Head
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Elevate is a charitable organisation that works to transform young lives and help young people who are at risk of social exclusion and disengagement due to societal, economical or personal factors. We do this through providing coaching services through trained and accredited coaches who listen empathetically to young people and empower them to find solutions that enhance their lives and embed new ways of being

Elevate was set up in 2008 as part of a local church community cohesion provision, in 2015 it became an independent charity responsible for raising its own funds for its projects. Since 2008, over time, it has served over 1000 young people through sport, youth clubs and wellbeing services, since 2013 its primary focus has been on providing coaching support within education for those young people at risk of disengaging.

Since July 2015, when we became an independent charity we have established a trustee committee who manage the overall strategic provision of services. We enhance and support the work of local authorities, community groups and businesses and seek to work in partnership as much as possible. We train and place volunteers to achieve some of our outcomes.


"Students who have worked with Elevate have shown a noticeable improvement in their attitude to learning, attendance and educational outcomes. The evaluation reports have particularly been useful to provide evidence for both the schools internal monitoring of well-being interventions as well as providing evidence for external scrutiny of the support the school provide."


"Our students enjoy working with Elevate and the Project Worker (Kantz Misra), as they find the him both friendly and approachable. As a school we have found that Elevate are well organised and professional in the way that they support the pupils and in liaising with our Achievement Team to maximise the time that they are in School. The coaching work that Elevate undertakes with our young people challenges their views of their self-image, the expectations in life and their attitude to learning"


"ELEVATE has offered the school by far the most appropriate service for many of our pupils who without this support would not be accessing the curriculum to build their futures. We use the service particularly with year 7 and 9 Pupils. Many year 7 pupils arrive with us severely lacking in many of the basic social skills and unable to cope in the large comprehensive setting. Some do not have the confidence to make the transition others lack self believe and this in turn manifests itself in negative behaviour and the inability to form friendships. A number of our pupils present with high anxiety due to experiences in the home"

Deputy Head PCHS

"We have been supported by this service for the last 5 years and it has been invaluable in supporting our many vulnerable pupils. We have a very high free school meal index - consistently just under 30% as Bryn Hafren, however, this has risen this year due to school reorganisation to 36% at Pencoedtre High School."

Headteacher BHS

"The support from Sasha and ELEVATE as invaluable, this year there have been so many pupils who lack social skills and have been unable to transition successfully. Sasha has worked successfully with many of our pupils who have ALN in this year group; they have very poor social skills and no self-esteem. Sasha has completed 1:1 sessions and group work with this year group - all invaluable."

Head of Year 7 PHS