"Being able to help to young people and see their improvements, their increasing self-trust and well-being made me feel happy. I also felt like I have a purpose."

D.M Volunteer Coach
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Elevate are seeking self-motivated volunteer coaches to go into schools and deliver developmental coaching to young people. You will be fully trained as a community coach. Take a moment to watch our video, and listen to what some of our community volunteers have to say about working as a coach with Elevate.

What is it like to coach young people?

Coaching in the community - Kantz Misra

Elevate are also looking for anyone with experience of organising events and business development, to help us grow our work, and volunteers who could do some marketing and  fundraising for us.

If you represent a corporate entity and are interested in working with Elevate through your program of social corporate responsibility by developing a partnership, then please get in touch.

See what  previous volunteers have said below

Please complete the contact form if you are interested.



"Being able to coach in real life was a great experience as it has allowed me to see that people have the power to resolve the issues they want to resolve and become who they want to be with awareness and encouragement"


"I have recently been offered a job as a mental health support worker. I feel the skills I have learned with elevate will be very valuable because it will help me allow the people, I will be supporting make their own decisions for themselves"


"I have had the time and energy investment of the Elevate supervisor, who came to us with advice and explained things to us when we had questions. We also had each other as we talked about the experience, giving us important lessons and enhancing our self-awareness."


"My coaches began to reveal more of their problems to me and began to trust me as time went on. The relationship was a wonderful experience as I got to see first-hand some of the struggles and problems of other people and do away with my own self narrative as I paid clear attention to the other person."


"The benefits which I have experienced from the coaching process not only helped me during the sessions but also will help me on my future placements. The new daily challenges and goals increased my productivity. I became confident and my communications skills got enhanced. As a psychology student the benefits will help me in my professional/work life."


"My overall experience of this is that I loved it. The idea of helping adolescents reaching some of their goals and having a positive impact on their lives makes me feel happy. The whole experience was useful for me"


"The training and support system was 10/10 from Elevate, it was a great experience, I learned new skills, by facing inner and outer challenges. Flexibility and creativity is really important in supporting young people"