“I found the culture and learning environment created by the course providers, along with the supervision and opportunity for feedback has made me confident as a coach. I have used the techniques practiced on almost a daily basis in both my professional role as a Manager (Sister) in the NHS Emergency Department, in my personal life, and in my practice as a coach.”

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Accredited Courses


Elevate offer two routes for accreditation, depending on your time commitments. All income generated is used to carry out our free at the point of service work with young people. If you sign up, then together we can give back to the young people we serve. Let’s serve them together

1. Accredited Award in Coaching – Accredited by the Association for Coaching

The Association for Coaching® (AC) is a leading global independent, and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice, excellence and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide. "Our purpose is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession, and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organizations, and in turn, society."

The Accredited Award in Coaching is a qualification that allows you to become a coach practitioner and meets the AC Foundation Coach requirements.

To gain the qualification participants need to do

  • 40 hours of classroom-based learning

  • 6 hours of coaching practice

  • 10 hours of self-study

In addition to the above participants will be required to read and complete a course workbook, write a reflective analysis on their coaching practice, receive 6 hours of coaching, have at least one supervision session during practice and an observed in-class assessment.

You will:

Learn foundational coaching skills to use in whichever sector you want to be involved in – deep listening, useful questioning, creating facilitative learning relationships

  • Start your coaching journey towards being an accredited practitioner

  • Confidently use at least one coaching model

  • Understand how to manage sessions

  • Work with client cognitions

  • Develop coaching presence

  • Code of Ethics

The course is fun, participatory and really gets you coaching confidently at the end of the programme. You will also obtain a one-year membership to the Association for Coaching. 

What the Association for Coaching say about our programme:

This programme:

  • Is based on the AC Coaching Competency Framework and the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors and covers the additional executive competencies during the course.

  • Meets the requirement for the minimum number of hours for this level of AC Coach Training Accreditation.

  • Modules are well- structured and incorporate a blended learning approach which includes theory, practical application, group discussion and supervision.

  • Utilises comprehensive lesson plans with clearly defined outcomes.

  • Incorporates a range of self-study activities to support the learning and development of the participants.

  • Gives participants clear guidance on how to structure their coaching practice sessions.

  • Incorporates robust feedback and supervision together with detailed guidance for completing reflective journals and learning logs.

  • Includes a 1000/2000 word essay assignment as part of the course which goes beyond the requirements for this level of accreditation.

  • Has a thorough process to assess the student’s Fitness to Practise.

  • Incorporates a robust course evaluation process to ensure continuous improvement.

We as a charity operate a gifting model as we want to be able to make attaining an accredited coaching qualification reachable for as many people as possible. For the above course to be viable we would require a minimum contribution per person (including registration, certification, assessment and AC one year membership) though we really would encourage you to give more to support our work, if you can afford it.

2. AGORED Cymru Level 2 - Understanding Coaching

 This course is a scaled down version of the above course with a 20-credit award from Agored Cymru and delivered in partnership with Adult Learning Wales. To achieve this you will need to:

- Attend 15 hours of classroom / blended learning participation

- Read and complete the course workbook

- Carry out 3 hours of coaching with a client, with one observed session in a classroom setting.

You will learn foundational coaching skills and achieve a nationally recognised unit award in Understanding Coaching. This course is great if you want to dip your toes into coaching as a way of supporting others.  

We as a charity operate a gifting model. For the above course to be viable we would require a minimum contribution of per person, this includes registration, certification, and verification fees payable to Adult Learning Wales.  We really would love to encourage you to give more to support our work, if you can afford it.




“I learnt how much I enjoyed coaching and that there places where I had to improve myself in my own life”


“This training was terrific, and I would recommend them highly. There were a myriad of opportunities available from 1-1 feedback and sessions with the trainers, per coaching, a Whatsapp Group, a direct phone line and email to the Elevate team. I believe the course helped me to develop a career as a coach that is imbued with all of my life experiences and as such it has depth, variety, humility and humanity at its core”


“I had a great experience with Elevate. The training enabled me to help my clients as well as myself. I felt supported throughout and help and guidance were provided when I needed it by my coach supervisor. The training provided me the essential skills to be a coach, such as active and deep listening, useful questioning and coaching presence”


“The training helped me to investigate what was stopping me completing a project. By making it into a goal broken down into smaller steps, I was able to finish the project and felt really good about it. Coaching allows a more measured and simpler look at how individual success can be attained. The listening and questioning skills that are learned through this training are amazing. The learning aides provided hold all the information required. I use the techniques learned through this training all the time both in my private and business life. I find it particularly helpful when providing feedback and dealing with confrontation.”


“The training was an incredible learning experience. From day 1 our trainers and our supervisor Kantz has always helped us and made himself available for any queries and assistance required we required. I learnt new skills and built on my current skills on how to coach young people and others professionally”


“During the Coach Training I was able to learn more about myself through various interactive exercises which were all based around practising the core coaching skills – questioning, summarising, becoming aware of using open, non-leading questions instead of those closed ones, setting goals, creating a good rapport with the client etc. I have learned how to switch off my inner noice and listen attentively, how to use Socratic questioning, SMART goals, I learned how to use GROW model for coaching and other coaching techniques. The big amount of practise and reflection throughout the whole course was important, I became more clear about the concepts and also more confident in my own abilities as I was in the role of the coach, the coachee and the observer many times. In my personal life, I became more effective as I gained more perspective and tools how to work with myself better.”