"I will treat people differently, not blame people for my mistakes, be a better man, treat women with respect and treat them the way they want to be treated. It really helped me, I felt I changed a lot and I’m going to show I’m a different person because of it"

Year 9 Boy MHS
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ACHIEVE Wellbeing and Education Coaching

ACHIEVE is an Elevate project that trains university students who are studying psychology or education degrees or masters level qualifications in wellbeing and performance coaching skills. These students are then placed in a secondary or primary school and support the wellbeing and learning needs of reffered pupils.

Elevate ACHIEVE coaches provide one-to-one coaching that develops the pupil’s techniques to deal with automatic thoughts that limit the flexible and growth mindset. They collaborate with young people and facilitate positive ways forward on whatever issue the young person brings.

Often Elevate ACHIEVE coaches work with young people to manage stress, develop revision strategies for exams, improve organisational skills, time management, and approaches and attitudes to learning and behaviour. They also work to reduce anxiety and help young people to develop wellbeing coping skills.

ACHIEVE wellbeing and learning coaches tend to have the theoretical knowledge from their degree programmes, Elevate create a safe and secure environment within which they can make a practical difference to the lives of other young people, and often they act as aspirational role models for their coachee.

Some ACHIEVE coaches go on to do research projects related to their experience and add to the emerging knowledge around coaching in education.

All the coaches are DBS checked and are given safeguarding guidance. If you want to have one of our ACHIEVE wellbeing and learning coaches in your school get in touch.

Read the NPC Experience Report here


“I’ve really enjoyed the training and the placement. I found it rewarding and fulfilling in every way, and I can use the skills and experience in my role as p/t teaching assistant in primary school”


“I learnt invaluable skills, that I can use in other one-to-one development work, the support was great, and skills learned on placement were really useful”


“When after a few sessions I could see improvements in my client’s wellbeing and goal achievement, I realised the coaching is something I love to do. I’ve become more of an active listener. It has really helped me think about my future career and I’m really thankful to Elevate for the training, support and placement opportunity”


“I became humble through this placement, I realised that each individual young person has different problems. Through the coaching they learn how to help themselves, we cannot force change. I realised how important is it for young people to have somebody really listen to them and not judge them for and their problems”


“The experience of practicing coaching has made me more aware of how I interact with people and has also brought a new awareness of the people I am interacting with. I have noticed myself asking coaching questions in everyday conversations. I have also realised that all some people need is a bit of encouragement and awareness and that makes a big difference to them”