“I certainly benefited from the sessions; they helped me on a personal and professional level. The sessions allowed me to focus on myself without distraction or disruption - a luxury indeed. As an impartial observer, Kantz posed simple yet probing questions; my answers were both surprising and somewhat liberating. Kantz supported me in addressing difficult issues helping me forge a path to clarity. I am grateful to Kantz and to those responsible for allowing me the opportunity to attend the sessions. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for support in achieving a goal - be it personal or professional.”

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School Well-being Coaching

Our team offers personal one-to-one coaching that will transform your life, and bring about the preferred future you desire. Our coaches are experienced and qualified and know how to create the change you are seeking. Our clients have included senior leadership teams of schools, teaching staff, parents of pupils, and leaders in banking, creative industries and the health sector. We use an integrative eclectic practical approach informed by coaching psychology. Book a complimentary first session here.

Book 1:1 Life and Well-being Coaching Session or sign up for six sessions at a discounted price here.

Our personal coaching focuses on increasing your self-awareness, looking at your life goals, your personal challenges and aspirations. In personal development coaching the coach will;

- Listen, and support you to help you to get to your own solution.

- Raise self-awareness around your current thoughts and life

- Identify support structures to help you through difficult decisions.

- Encourage you to follow your personal plan.

- Help create your preferred future.

Personal development coaching can cover a range of issues and concerns related to personal growth. As part of this we offer “The Walking Coach”– a time together spent outdoors, taking in the scenery, fresh air, and working on the issues brought to the coach. The Walking Coach is rooted in the idea of nature as therapy. According to an increasing body of thought, being out in nature increases our sense of wellbeing. Why not “walk and talk” with us.

We also offer the YB12 coaching programme

Book your face to face or Zoom/Skype based coaching sessions here. Invest in yourself, as you do know that you will be investing positively in the lives of young people.


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“I have really valued the 50-55 minutes a month, where I get to reflect with my coach and get my thoughts out. In having space to think, and hear myself back, and with the insights gained, I have found my coach to be very significant part of my life change, and very important in helping me process who I really want to be” -OR
“Through my coaching sessions over 6 months, I have built up the strength to take control of my life, and deal with the pain of the situation I was in. My coach (Kantz) has been instrumental in helping me along my journey, helping me to see the direction which I needed to take, to be stronger as person” – C
“I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Kantz. At first, I thought that I would tell of my problems and Kantz would offer suggestions. Luckily, this was not how coaching works. I was provided with a safe space where I could relay my issues or concerns safely and confidentially. The sessions helped me greatly to grow both personally and professionally. The coaching was done in such a way that I was able to come to my own conclusions. The active listening was beneficial as I was able to construct personal solutions. I will no longer doubt my ability to solve issues myself. The coaching sessions were very beneficial as I was able to evaluate my methods and ability, then identify areas for growth and improvement. I would highly recommend attending coaching sessions to anyone who needs inspiration and clarity regarding their future. I will certainly be applying the learnt methods to both my personal and professional life.” - A
“I have had life coaching from Kantz all year and he has had a very positive impact on me. I have used him as a counsellor for both professional and personal matters. As well as listening to what I had to say, Kantz empowered me to find my own solutions to my issues and enabled me to progress. I would totally recommend Elevate Coaching and Kantz because I have seen huge benefits and progress throughout the year. Thank you very much” -L
“The coaching with Kantz has been hugely beneficial professionally and personally. Through talking about current issues and setting measurable and attainable targets, I have been better placed to tackle issues faced throughout the academic year. In a profession that can become quite lonely/isolated, it is beneficial to talk through things with someone who can ask questions or offer suggestions to overcome issues faced and develop practice.”- E
“I found after some initial reservation, that my coaching sessions with Elevate were very valuable in clarifying my thinking about, not just work, but my approach to my family. As a result, I’m more energised, and in an excited place. My coach listened well, and really allowed me to think through my own solutions. At times I found his challenges difficult, but as I reflected, I found them to be useful” -JS
“The coaching has really helped me to understand what really matters to me. This has given me far more stability, and a clearer pathway to follow as I shape my future” -JL
“When I started my coaching sessions, I was in a very low place, which was having an affect on my life as a whole. I have found that having a space within which to think, and safely explore new ways of being and thinking have been life changing. The coaching sessions with Elevate have transformed my life, I’m calmer, more assertive and much much happier as a result” -JB