"The training was very energising and engaging. It gave me a really good insight into how to help a coachee to identify their needs and solutions with minimum influence"

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Why We Coach

All our projects have an element of coaching and/or mentoring involved.

Coaching helps the coachee to identify exactly what they want, where they are now, and how to get there. Put simply, coaching is a non-directive confidential conversation, where the coach listens and asks questions and acts as a guide for individual learning. The coach creates a framework that enables the ‘coachee’ to work out their own solutions to a problem. This is an empowering experience for the coachee. In this approach, the coach generally avoids giving content especially suggested solutions. Effectively the coachee or young person engaged is participating in self-directed learning, and is gaining the tools and skills to enable them to find solutions to their situation. The coaching relationship is finite and therefore has an end.

The work we do will follow one or more of these approaches:

- Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

- Solutions Focused Coaching

- Motivational Interviewing / Coaching

- Acceptance and Commitment Therapeutic (ACT) Coaching

- Health & Wellbeing Coaching

- Performance Coaching

- Art Coaching



"The trainers were helpful, informative, accepting and non-judgemental. The sessions were really useful and the practical applications reassuring. I’ve learnt how to coach, and hold structured conversations with individuals that will enable them to rescue themselves"


"The techniques I learnt, I will apply them in daily life and when I’m coaching and mentoring"


"The training was very professional, learning coaching has been very informative and I will use it in my day to day conversations"


"This training was very engaging, and extremely informative, was very eye-opening"


"What I found really valuable was attentive listening, and learning to use GROW and other coaching models, and things like asking questions that aren’t leading or judgemental"


"The trainers were kind, engaging, and encouraging, it was full of activity, it left me feeling more confident to be able to engage with my young clients well"


"Kantz, and the trainers were very enthusiastic, shared loads of knowledge, and experience about what will work, and how to help others in a positive way"