"The training was very energising and engaging. It gave me a really good insight into how to help a coachee to identify their needs and solutions with minimum influence"

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Coaching Courses for Continual Professional Development (CPD)

We are pleased to provide the following courses for those interested in coaching as continual professional development (CPD). On completion you will receive a CPD certificate. Gain skills to deliver coaching or enhance your coaching.

Introduction to Coaching
(Association for Coaching Recognised CPD)

Coaching for Resilience
(Association for Coaching Recognised CPD)

Coaching for Youth Resilience

Coaching for Self-Efficacy

Coaching Skills for Parents

These are short courses that can be fitted into twilight sessions or as weekend workshops. We are working on increasing our offer.

Some of our short courses have been designed for us by Adams Psychological Services

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“I learnt how much I enjoyed coaching and that there places where I had to improve myself in my own life”

“This training was terrific, and I would recommend them highly. There were a myriad of opportunities available from 1-1 feedback and sessions with the trainers, per coaching, a Whatsapp Group, a direct phone line and email to the Elevate team. I believe the course helped me to develop a career as a coach that is imbued with all of my life experiences and as such it has depth, variety, humility and humanity at its core”

“I had a great experience with Elevate. The training enabled me to help my clients as well as myself. I felt supported throughout and help and guidance were provided when I needed it by my coach supervisor. The training provided me the essential skills to be a coach, such as active and deep listening, useful questioning and coaching presence”

“The training helped me to investigate what was stopping me completing a project. By making it into a goal broken down into smaller steps, I was able to finish the project and felt really good about it. Coaching allows a more measured and simpler look at how individual success can be attained. The listening and questioning skills that are learned through this training are amazing. The learning aides provided hold all the information required. I use the techniques learned through this training all the time both in my private and business life. I find it particularly helpful when providing feedback and dealing with confrontation.”

“The training was an incredible learning experience. From day 1 our trainers and our supervisor Kantz has always helped us and made himself available for any queries and assistance required we required. I learnt new skills and built on my current skills on how to coach young people and others professionally”

“During the Coach Training I was able to learn more about myself through various interactive exercises which were all based around practising the core coaching skills – questioning, summarising, becoming aware of using open, non-leading questions instead of those closed ones, setting goals, creating a good rapport with the client etc. I have learned how to switch off my inner noice and listen attentively, how to use Socratic questioning, SMART goals, I learned how to use GROW model for coaching and other coaching techniques. The big amount of practise and reflection throughout the whole course was important, I became more clear about the concepts and also more confident in my own abilities as I was in the role of the coach, the coachee and the observer many times. In my personal life, I became more effective as I gained more perspective and tools how to work with myself better.”

“I would very much encourage other people to enrol on the coaching academy whether they see themselves becoming a coach or just want to improve their interpersonal skills”

"Insightful and thought provoking morning session of coaching/mentoring delivered by Elevate."


“An excellent course. Well structured. Balance of information and practical was good. Helped me gain a powerful tool for ministry. Thank you Dave, Paul and Kantz.”

"The trainers were helpful, informative, accepting and non-judgemental. The sessions were really useful and the practical applications reassuring. I’ve learnt how to coach, and hold structured conversations with individuals that will enable them to rescue themselves"


“Go for it, if you want to develop your skills for helping others, this is the course for you”

"While I learnt how to coach others, I was also able to to apply certain ideas to myself. Learning was fun and full of activity, engaging and interesting"


“Every leader should explore this coaching course. We may think we are natural coaches or specialist coaches but it’s vital for leaders to have coaching in their toolbox. Massive thank you for your time, energy and wisdom. This has been a fantastic experience”


Organisational Members of the Association for Coaching
Association for Coaching
University of South Wales
Vale of Glamorgan
Communities First